Love is Love ❤️

Sometimes you get a warm feeling that wraps around you like your favourite furry blanket. It comes from inside. Unexpectedly. Happily.

It can be the thought of something that makes you happy. A memory. Or an expectation of things to come. Looking into your dogs eyes. Talking to your parents. A rush of emotion in a moment.

We love the feeling even if it’s fleeting. It’s a natural high.

Is it possible to get a fix more often?

I believe that the love rush can be experienced on demand; the key is making the time and taking the time to let the feeling in. In a hectic life filled with traffic, schedules, appointments and drama, we don’t make room for the emotions to be welcomed in. Retirement unlocks life’s daily grind and provides the freedom of thought to embrace gratefulness. This is where love lives. In a grateful heart.

Count your blessings everyday. Let love flow.

In the holiday season we often reflect on the past … fond memories and fun times. We also slip into melancholy remembering people and places that are painfully absent. All the more reason to get a love fix as often as possible.

This year the annual holiday rush won’t have the same panic and frenzy. I have the time to take it all in. Let’s see how that works out.

Loving every minute of it. 💖

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