You are my Sunshine ☀️

There’s just something about the sun that elicits joy. I’m not sure what exactly that factor is, or even if it’s a real thing, but everything seems better on a sunny day. All senses become alive when the sun is out. Smells are sweeter, colours more vibrant, sounds more ringing (especially this spring! The birds are chirping like crazy). And I guess the warmth in Florida is an added bonus too. Feeling the grass and cool patio stones on your feet …

Sunshine has always had a positive effect on me. Long lazy summer days. My sister reminded me of our trips to the beach near Grand Bend as teens; taking off in my Chevette to sunbath in the sandy dunes and swim in the lake to cool off. Later on summers meant cottaging in the Muskokas and cruising leisurely on the lakes and bays. And then foregoing the impossible traffic in favour of a boat on Lake Ontario. So many wonderful summer memories.

I think sunny days are a prop on tv, too. You never have a love story start on a dark and stormy night. It’s always a beautiful summer day. Heartache always happens in the rain. Even on my fave show “Love It or List It Vancouver ” the best homes are on sunny days. They always find issues fixing up the homes in the rain. Go figure.

People smile more on sunny days. Lousy weather makes people grouchy. The fall we had was gloomy and nasty; people’s moods were reflective. I saw a post on social media from Ontario yesterday and the sun came out with a bit of warmth in Norfolk County; the poster, Jill, broadly smiling with her baby and doggy walking in the woods. I think her post said something about FINALLY being able to get out. Bliss! Didn’t our PM get elected quoting “sunny ways”?

This past winter we decided to extend summer by coming to Florida. What a great decision. I can count the cloudy/rainy days on my fingers. Otherwise glorious warm sunny days. We rented a convertible Mustang for a few days just to see. One of the things most notable was the ever present aroma of citrus blossoms. There are no words. Just to cruise around with the warm wind on your face is a special kind of awesome.

So I sit here. In the back yard beside the pool and think: Man, is this great. How lucky am I.

As a sun worshiper I can relate to all things summer. And completely agree with F. Scott Fitzgerald that life begins again in summer.

I think a night at the drive-in is on the horizon…

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