Love is in the Air ♥️

February is a month of love thanks to Valentines Day on the 14th. It’s nice to have a loving feeling in the midst of winter. Especially when it includes chocolate! In our family, February brings a flurry of birthdays and other notable events.

Starting on February 2 (Groundhog Day) which is Rudy’s moms birthday. She was born in Krakow Poland in 1922. That would make her 99 tomorrow. Unfortunately she passed away 6 years ago. I think she would have enjoyed being 99; she had a zest for life and loved every minute. On her birthday I would call her and ask if she’d seen her shadow (referencing the annual ritual of groundhogs). She would giggle and tell me I was a riot. More often than not she would say it was too cold to go outside. But mostly she played along and told me winter would be short. It was wishful thinking! We reminisce about her often … there are always so many reminders of her: cooking, baseball, roses, long walks … In her humble way she had such an impact on our lives.

February 8 marks a sad one year anniversary of my uncle’s passing. Heinz was 89 when he slipped quietly into the universe. My dads older and only sibling was a hardworking family man who enjoyed the outdoors and his wood working. He survived many sawing incidents before succumbing to cancer. He leaves a void that is still painful for his widow and my dad. I’m glad the legacy of the family home he built from scratch will remain in the family since my cousin bought it late last year. My uncle’s passing is also my cousin Barbs birthday; Heinz’s daughter was taken at a young age (her boys were tweens) by cancer. I’m sure they are both together keeping a watchful eye on everyone.

Following grandma’s birthday is my dad and my aunt. They share Valentine’s Day for their birthday. My dad will turn 89 and my aunt will be 70. My dad is still a young man at heart 💜 and has such a positive attitude about everything. It’s hard to believe that he’s almost 90. But I know he’s aiming for 100. Dad is the patriarch of our family and enjoys the success of his kids; he often tells me how grateful and proud he is of us. Our happiness is his biggest joy.

And immediately following is my uncle Peters birthday. He will also be turning 70. As the youngest of my moms brothers (he was born when she was 16!) he was a late addition since my grandmother was 43 and my grandfather was 53. Peter is a journalist and is the epitome of “enquiring minds”. His thirst for knowledge and information is insatiable. Now retired from his profession he keeps his pen moving by writing interesting historical pieces about Germany and his childhood home.

Valentine’s Day is also Rudy’s parents wedding anniversary. In 1942, mid WWII, they got hitched. It was a true love story that would span almost 8 decades. A year after their wedding, on February 17, 1943 they gave birth to Rudy’s oldest sister, Carole. Rudy’s parents received congratulations letters from all levels of government on their marriage milestones. It’s not many who can celebrate 70+ years of wedded bliss!

February is a short month. As I flipped the page on our calendar this morning to make note of some events we have scheduled, I realized it was barely 4 weeks in the month. Perhaps by design or intent the calendar gurus knew that a mid winter month should breeze by to make way for spring. Of course, in Florida, it’s already spring judging by the weather. Now we will also see the days getting longer as the sun moves north.

It is my hope that the world embraces the month of love as was the intent. More love is a good thing to have right now. I’m so grateful for the love in my life. Rudy, Molly, my parents, my sister and brother, good friends. Family that has left us too soon but never forgotten.

Spread the love 💕 vibes!

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