Camping 101

Before we sold our home, we agreed (as in several years past) to let our good friends use our weekend getaway during 9 days of August. However, in May 2018, the weekend place became our home and so, for the agreed upon week, we would be homeless.

Various notions crossed our minds as to what the week would look like. But invariably we knew we would have to find a solution that included our baby (dog) Molly.  Hence the decision to camp.

We booked the RV rental in June. August seemed so far away.  A 25 foot Ford sonething or other  would be our home for the week.  Feeling very adventurous and bold we also booked our campsites.  Opting for provincial parks (to  appreciate our tax dollars) we mapped out a route.

Knowing our adventure could have an iffy start, we booked a camp ground 5 km from our house  – go ahead and chuckle- so that items inadvertently missed from our list could be easily obtained

We picked up the RV without incident and loaded our belongings including the kitchen sink (almost) and the dog

We were off and feeling pretty good  until the smell overwhelmed us.  Rudy looked at me (suspiciously) while I opened the window.  I fully expected “fresh country air” — not so   The smell (shit) was in our RV.   I immediately called the rental company  to find out what to do (top of the option list was bring the dann thing back!) He calmly suggested that we find a Walmart (really?!) and get the RV septic solution.  Luckily we were camping at a place near our home and knew exactly where yo find the Walmart.  The solution worked  and we were in fresh air camping mode!


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