The Old Ball Game

Ok. Seriously. Who has time to blog when you’re retiring at the speed of life!? There’s only so many (waking) hours in a day!!

One of the things we truly enjoy is a baseball game in the old fashioned outdoor stadium. We both played baseball as kids and adults and still relish (think hotdogs) the crack of the bat and the vibe of the crowd. Coming to Florida the spring training of the majors was a definite must do. Rudy booked tickets for opening day at the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland (about a 25 min drive for us). An afternoon game against the Phillies.

And a perfect day it was. Gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon about 80F. Parking across the road from the stadium in the church parking lot: $5.00. Ice cold water to take into the game (just don’t open it before you enter): $1.00

Seats in the hot sun in left field next to the foul line. Game on. Bring on the peanuts and popcorn. And beer. American anthem with everyone on their feet facing the flag. Everyone. No exceptions. And a WWII veteran throwing the first pitch. A quintessentially American prideful event. We loved every minute.

After the 4th inning we rise for America the Beautiful. And head for a shady seat. We are getting scorched. As in sunburnt. Oh man. It’s February and we are at an outdoor ball game. It doesn’t get any better. Seriously.

Even though the Tigers are getting whipped we stay to the 7th inning do we can sing the traditional baseball anthem.

Let’s play ball!

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