Auf Wiedersehen

Well Florida, it’s been a blast. Can’t believe that 3 months have flown by. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Looking back at the things I was afraid of (more cautiously hesitant rather than all out fear), most of the dread was for naught.

Crossing the border with Molly- a non issue thanks to the indifferent border dude who didn’t care about much except if we had weapons. I know you shouldn’t joke around with these guys, but a witty comment about Rudy’s manhood did come to mind. I maintained my composure and was silent.

Running out of Molly’s kibble- a mostly non issue except for a 2day changeover tummy thing. Not horrible.

Being bored – nope; definitely not. Did all the usual summer activities plus added a few new ones to the roster. Definitely no boredom.

Eating American fare – there’s an overall lack of availability of fresh local produce and I’m stunned that there isn’t more fresh seafood around. We realized that people mostly eat out here. The restaurant trade is booming; places are packed. And since we are in the mobile home capital of the universe people are lacking space and want to get out of their tin homes. I get it. We did find a few markets and suppliers that have excellent products.

Sharing a car – well, that did suck. But we are ready for next time – easy solution: drive 2 cars. Done!

All in all a great break from snow, sleet and hail. A for sure do-over.

Tomorrow we are hitting the road. Wheels up at 10 am. Destination: St Simons Island GA. Friends told us this was a super cool and dog friendly destination. Stay tuned.

For now, I’m going to leave my sunny perch on the back patio (78F in the waning sunshine) and take my Caesar cocktail inside to prepare our last supper. Garlicky pesto penne with local hot sausage and a mixed green salad.


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