Memory Foam

Sometimes my retired brain feels like a pile of memory foam. While working I could juggle an uber full schedule for myself and several others. These days I think of something random and I significant only to have it vaporized seconds later. It’s way more than “why did I walk into this room …”.

Now it’s the thought that I forgot something big that startles me from almost sleep state or even from a deep sleep as my subconscious continues the “what did I forget ” quandary. It used to be all business related stress and now it’s manufactured by my brain. The memory foam thinks there should be stress so it’s making it up??

The typical nighttime thought is that I forgot to take a medication. That’s so bizarre and unrealistic because I take zero medications. So what could I have possibly forgotten to take. A few times I even wake up in the bathroom with the drawer open. I startle myself back into reality and wake up trying to remember what strange dream made me get up in search of a fictional drug. Strange. But true.

Sometimes my brain is telling me that I forgot to take a pill (s) but I’m so sleepy in that pre-deep sleep mode that my lazy brain concedes to whatever consequences might result. And then I drift off in defiance. Once asleep I rest soundly.

Rudy has a smart watch that monitors his sleeping patterns. I wonder if it can also decipher memory foam behaviours. I’ve always been a believer in “ignorance is bliss. Sweet dreams my friends.

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