And on the 7th Day

It’s Saturday. We’ve been at sea for 7 days. The voyage so far is smooth without any surprises or crazy weather (read: wicked ocean) and we have been thoroughly enjoying the food varieties. There’s a routine developing but I am starting to miss talking (I should say communicating since I mostly text my sibs) to my family and friends. Especially Molly. I’m positive she’s having the time of her life being spoiled by dogless friends and she’s milking it for all it’s worth.

All along throughout the week the ship’s clock has been changing. So far we are 4 hours ahead. My phone says 3:29 am but on board it’s 7:29. By the time we’re done it should be a total of 6 hours ahead. That’s been weird. But since the sun rises at 7 am ish we have adjusted. The days are getting longer too. Summer. Ahhhhh.

Our first 3-4 days were HOT. Rudy even took a dip. The last few have been cloudy and therefore also less warm. Around 70/18C. Lots of seats around the the pool when it’s not as nice.

So here’s our daily at sea routine: room service continental breakfast at 8 am (ships time) which we have been enjoying on the balcony; pickleball at 9:30 or when we get there (it starts at 9) until 11 or so; coffee (perhaps breakfast with eggs for Rudy) after with some of the other players; quick change back at the cabin; I find us chairs somewhere while Rudy goes to the gym (totally admire his dedication); meet up at the chairs; chat/read/nap (I could mention that I’m on my 4th book); go for lunch; return to the chairs; back to the cabin for showers and change; off to dinner.

After dinner has been interesting. We have met a retired couple from Dallas and they have taught us to play bridge. Depending on the evenings show, we play shorter or longer. They have been playing for years and play every afternoon on board. Bridge is a fun and complicated game. We are picking it up and really enjoying it. Of course our competitive edge is on full view.

Tomorrow we arrive in the Azores. We are planning a walking tour of the islands capital Ponta Delgada. However there are also renowned hot springs (the islands are dotted with inactive volcanoes) and we think these could be good for our joints. It’s hard to get good info without internet and talking to other travellers results in mixed dodgy intel. We will have to wing it unless we can find someone useful on board. There’s an excursion desk (with limited operating hours until today) and also a talk today at 2 pm. We are thinking that we might alter our nap time to include the session. We shall see.

Hope to have a bit of connectivity tomorrow and shout out to some peeps. Maybe even play a word or two on my games ( if I can remember how). As well as explore some new and interesting locales.

Stay tuned. Over and out.

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