Canadian Roots

On this long weekend in celebration of Canada, I’m reminded of the luxury of the country we call home. We are indeed fortunate that 60 odd years ago our parents chose this as their next big adventure. They just got through a war and their homeland in rebuilding mode. Posters of the ideal life in Canada complete with jobs and lifestyle beckoned. I think it was my mom who verbalized the opportunity but it was my dad who quickly seized it.

That was 1957. And there were a few bumps in the road. If you call travelling thousands of miles to a promised job at the airport as an aircraft mechanic only to have it yanked on arrival due to language barrier a “bump”. Okay. Minor hiccup. Moving on … if I can’t do that give me something else. Sure!! I’ll dig uranium. Where’s Elliott Lake!?!

Then my mom came. Brought back with my dad after he made her his 22 year old bride. Language barrier times two. They stuck it out. Persevered. And 60 years later are still a team. Language barrier mostly removed.

Someone made my brother a woven (or knitted? I’m not sure since my home ec days are long gone) Canadian flag. Although my mom can’t remember the conversation from minutes earlier, she somehow remembered this flag. And so she dug it out. She tells my dad that he has to pin it up somewhere. I suggest the fireplace. No. She wants it proudly hanging outside off the balcony. Dad complies ; he’s good that way. Out comes the scotch tape.

When I take Molly out for a pee break I shout up and they give me the thumbs up. The flag is on full display. I feel a deep pride and gratitude for the country that’s given us so much to be grateful for and proud of.

The afternoon is full of excitement: the German girls are playing Sweden in soccer. The air is electric and dad cheers loudly at the tie game. When the Swedes win it’s like a balloon popped. Deflation. Dad reminds mom that we should be cheering for Canada; a German loss is no biggie.

Mom has one of her classic responses: I don’t care, we are fake Canadians, I was cheering for Germany. Alrighty then.

Happy Canada Day. Still tons to cheer about in my book. 🇨🇦

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