Date for Life

One of our favourite go to DVDs is Sweet Home Alabama. In the movie the girls asks the boy why he wants to marry her and he replies so that he can kiss her any time he wants. I love that sentiment. And while kissing is great, just hanging out with your partner is awesome, too.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or an outing or vacation or just chilling in the same room. There’s such a good feeling knowing that you have a date for life. It’s a gift we often take for granted.

Yesterday the local electrician, Wilhelm (so you know he’s a perfectionist), was over to do a few things. He apologized for wearing his ball cap inside the house. It’s lined with a hard plastic shell to protect him from future injuries. He rammed his head into a wooden beam working on an old home basement. His concussion was severe and he couldn’t work for several months.

The other day Rudy ran into an old hockey team mate from Guelph. He and his wife were taking a few days to enjoy the Georgian Triangle. A bit of golf and lakeside relaxing. He had a massive heart attack on the weekend and died. He was 67.

A friend from St Catharines was up to visit and spread the ashes of her husband on the anniversary of his death.

We are so lucky to have the time to enjoy the people we love. It’s one of the things you have more time to ponder when retired. If we are in the home stretch do our priorities realign?

My mom and dad celebrated their 60th anniversary this year. They are a team. It’s like two halves of a whole; yin and yang. That makes me happy. I enjoyed watching Rudy’s parents have the same kind of relationship. They were married for 73 years when Rudy’s mom died. What a journey!

On Sunday we enjoyed an evening of live music by the bay. We sat in our chairs. Sipping a beer. Next to the blue waters. In the sunshine. With my date for life.

Life is good.

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