Back to School

There’s something about this time of year that ignites a deep rooted excitement in my blood. I simply love back to school. The whole idea of a fresh new school year makes me tingle. In fact, I can’t remember one single negative thing about going back to school. I loved school.

Don’t get me wrong. Summer is definitely the best season for long sunny days and warm evening breezes. I can’t get motivated to do anything indoors over the summer months. But this time of year the days get shorter, golden rod is everywhere, the evenings and early mornings are brisk, and the CNE is winding down. Back to school fever is in the air.

Here’s my top ten favourite things about back to school:

1. New beginning. A brand new chance to be great at something. Academics. Sports. Music. Pick your passion and go for it.

2. People. Who will you be randomly associated with? Not all teachers seat you alphabetically! You could be sitting next to Ferris Beuller in typing class.

3. Fashion. No uniforms here! Who cobbled the best outfits together from the astounding possibilities in Stratford?? Hmmmm. Woolworths or Towers??

4. French Fries. I can still taste the fries at the cafeteria. And if that wasn’t enough you could walk downtown and hit Kens.

5. Extra curricular. Can you say “joiner”? Yup. That was me. Busy from early morning to evening. Can’t think of a club I didn’t try.

6. Social. What did everyone do over the summer?? There’s 9 months of school lunches to find out.

7. Supplies. Is there anything better than new sharp pencil crayons? I don’t think so. Well maybe a spiffy pencil case or funky binder.

8. Autumn. Best season of the year hands down. Amazing colours and perfect weather.

9. Schedules. Picking courses. Meeting teachers. Finding the classroom.

10. Lockers. By far the entire back to school experience rolled into one slim metal box. First there’s locker location – a key to meaningful social interaction. Decor – bringing HGTV to the hallway the possibilities were infinite! Privacy – stash anything as long as no one knows your combo! And open the door .. poof! A nice little wall for a secret conversation or flirt.

I’m sure I could go on. I could easily do top 100. I didn’t even touch on field trips, french exchanges, cheerleading pep rallies, school dances, debates, group projects, field days, snow days ….. whew! There’s so much more.

It was a simple uncomplicated fabulous space and time.

I think I’ll go back to school …. in my daydreams.

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