Rainy Days & Mondays

When you’re retired a Monday is great. You realize happily on Sunday that you aren’t going to work. The weekend never ends. It’s great!

This past weekend we had visitors for the Wasaga Blues Festival. The weather didn’t cooperate for an outdoor music event. But it didn’t really matter. Our dear friends showed up loaded for bear!! Their car rolled in packed to the hilt with culinary goodies and happy campers.

Happy positive people are my kind of tribe. They unloaded their gear and immediately started to mix martinis and create a charcuterie board. They bustled in the kitchen and buzzed onto the deck. Lots of good vibes and chatter.

But the very best thing was a phone call from Rita’s daughter. The test results showed no sign of cancer. No spread. No trace. The disease was gone. What better way to start a weekend to celebrate friendship? I can’t think of any.

Make mine a double. Let’s cheer to that.

Here’s the thing that gave me pause at the end of the weekend. You know how you review and replay the weekends vignettes in your mind … analyzing bits and pieces. Three beautiful women came to chill. They are beautiful inside and out; professional and funny and kind and gorgeous. They are all single!! What gives??

We discussed it some but there was no definitive theory. No rhyme. No reason. It makes me wonder: is there really a lid for every pot?

And then I had a thought. Had these lovelies had “the one” and nothing else compares? Or was love still on the horizon? I think that with so much love to give there is someone deserving that will step forward. The stars will align.

We watched the full moon over the weekend. It was a harvest moon; the kind songs are made of.

Another double please. Make it dirty.

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