Company’s Coming

Living in a tourism Mecca means that you can have a revolving door of guests. I like it. It’s great to see friends and spend time catching up, eating great meals and just chilling in the sun. Good company is good for the soul.

This past weekend is one great example of that. Our dear friends from Windsor dropped in on their summer getaway. Ottawa to Windsor via Collingwood is a nice route. And to add more fun into the mix another great couple joined in for a wonderful afternoon and evening. Short and sweet.

Good friends are like a favourite shirt. They are comfortable and familiar and always feel good. This was a great treat for Molly too. They brought along their dog. Molly was a good hostess (it helped that her new pal let her be the boss!) and she had a marvellous time. So did we. The guys golfed. We lounged. Gathered together for awesome dinners. (I have to mention the tomahawk steaks …. wow!!) The walks were awesome as well. Such a blessing to have mother nature’s beauty at our doorstep.

One of my favourite things is the conversation. Getting different perspectives and opinions is refreshing. It’s eye opening to hear what others think about current events and hot topics. It’s challenging (in a good way) to debate about issues. And, as someone astutely pointed out, it’s okay to agree to disagree. So true. No hard feelings no name calling no anything. Just a good old fashioned discussion.

Like your favourite shirt the comfortable feeling is heartwarming; no matter how much time has passed, it still feels good to connect.

When guests leave it’s bittersweet. You say so long for another stretch of time not knowing when (or if – god forbid) you’ll see each other again. Grateful for time well spent and deep friendships rekindled. Then you realize you’re in good company everyday. We like each other and our routines. It’s the best old shirt we wear each day. We also like alone time.

Time to regroup and recharge. More company’s coming. Let the good times roll. 💗

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