The Mighty Sea

Water is a force to be reckoned with. Living on the waters edge allows us front row seats to Mother Nature’s mood swings. One moment she’s calming and soothing. And the next she is angry and destructive. Lately it’s been the latter.

At a recent gathering at our place, one of our guests remarked that her grandfather, a nautical sort, used to talk about the three day blow. A gale wind foretelling of weather to come and seasons changing. It’s frightening to hear the blow. It rattled everything not securely tied and causes the waves to pummel the shoreline. Our neighbour came over to ask if we’d seen his launch ramp. A large aluminum structure that was ripped away and carried off. No. We don’t have the ramp but we do have missing stone steps and a few washed up trees.

There has been extensive damage reported around the Great Lakes. We were in good company. The devastation is profound. A provincial park near us was in the path of the battering sea. The row of campsites at waters edge are destroyed.

What is helping the disaster is the unusually high water levels. Heights not seen since the early 80’s according to those from the area. Of course in 2019 it’s global warming. So we wonder if the levels will again recede. Or if the mega power plant quietly planned for Meaford is enjoying the high surge. After all, the plant depends on sucking in and spitting out millions of gallons each day.

Regardless of the final outcomes, fall has descended on us. I’m officially looking forward to warmer climes.


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