Toxic Tile

My sister is relentless. I love playing word games but my sister has found a game that she’s mastered and I’m terrible at. The result is she clobbers me all the time. The game is welder. And there’s toxic tiles. I hate them.

But I’m sitting in her cozy living room getting clobbered. We moved out of our house today to let the winter rental family take over. The countdown to Florida is officially on! Moving is a drag. No matter if Florida is on the horizon. Schlepping tons of stuff in -7C weather sucks. We dropped my car off at the transfer place (it’s being driven to Florida and will arrive first week of January) so our essentials are wedged (think crammed to the hilt) into Rudy’s suv where are always mindful to accommodate Molly. She needs to sprawl. Which means the back seat is a junk free zone.

After downsizing and purging twice you would think we have the program down cold. Nope. We accumulate things like a magnet. Today we vowed to simplify our life with intention. Stay tuned.

So for the next week we are camping out at my sisters place. I can see why she loves her place. It’s so comfortable and inviting. It’s beautifully decorated for Christmas and lights are all connected to a remote control. Frank loves his gadgets. Not to mention the live video they produced to help us navigate their substantial audio and media system. It’s like front row at the cinema. Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase never looked so big!!

Rudy deserves a medal. He was the chief Sherpa moving, dragging, loading, packing, sorting …. oh, one more over here!! … stuffing, arranging, storing … just when we thought it would never end we crammed in the last bag. For the drive to my sisters, Molly has to share the back seat with a few things. She obliged as always. Such a good traveller.

So we are ready for the next adventure… as long as it’s in warmer weather count me in.

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