Christmas Cheer

Family gatherings are bittersweet; there’s a group around the table and you’re grateful. But you can’t help but think of those you love who are missing. We wish they were here.

The table is where it all happens. Cards. Drinks. Food. Laughter. Drinks. Snacks. Drinks. Drinks. In mom and dads little abode, there’s a lengthy dining table that fits everyone. No need for a kids table. We’re all adults. Mostly. And as we enjoy each others company while eating and drinking we reminisce about Christmas feasts of the past.

We also talked about food banks today and how the many charities take advantage of peoples good nature and giving spirit this time of year. People in need are needy throughout the year and not just at Christmas time. My theory is that churches (places of worship in general) who enjoy tax free status should have to open their doors to those in need of daycare, shelter during the day, meals and counsel. Parishioners could provide all of these services to their communities as needed. If more volunteers were required, solicit local high school students. We have so many untapped resources and duplications in our midst.

We shy away from politics because that’s a losing battle. Our dinner table would be as divided as Ottawa and Calgary or Washington and Little Rock.

What did come up, oddly, was an Instagram survey at the university of Albert. Students have started a survey amongst themselves rating departments. Which is worst. Criteria is your personal opinion. So far, engineering is the big loser. Who knew.

Of course after dinner everyone slows down a bit … some for a long winters nap. It’s all good. We solve the worlds problems with full bellies and enthusiasm. Merry Christmas 🎄

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