FFY – Day 2

We had an early start to the day in the drizzly cool air if Rochester. The hotel had a breakfast area included in the rate. I was surprised to find bananas the way I like them: firm and slightly green. We filled up our Yetis and Molly had her 318. Loaded up we pulled out of the hotel en route to Sparkill.

The drive was uneventful except for our podcast session. I usually download a few series of podcasts for a road trip and this was no exception. My go to podcasts are on CBC as I find they have relevant and interesting topics. We started the series on the Huawei case. Admittedly we didn’t know much about the company at all. I remember Rudy asking what it was when he saw the ads during televised sporting events. Now it’s a national news item. The podcast starts at the beginning; right from the plane ride to YVR. It’s interestingly complicated. And it causes you to think about global ripple effects on every business in the emerging markets. We often remark what tiny insignificant micro dots we are on the planet.

The drive to Sparkill takes us through a hilly area that is very beautiful and scenic. I imagine it’s breathtaking during the fall. I tell Rudy that another road trip is in order .. maybe with my friend Cathie in her convertible. Definitely on the list.

Sparkill is located near the Hudson River; it’s a quaint suburb of NYC and the forested landscape has lots of winding roads and angles. And not many sidewalks. As we pull into the parking lot behind my sisters loft, I call The Mountain House http://mountainhousepizza.com/home.html for our dinner. Rudy orders spaghetti and meatballs and I have the oil and garlic linguini. Rudy suggests we order a pizza for the road (breakfast) and I love that idea! While I take Molly for her outing, Rudy picks up our nosh.

We are delighted with our choices and we dig in. Complemented with beers from our Rochester stay we are happy campers. Rudy finds a suitably violent movie on demand and we hunker down. After the movie I make my daily call to the folks. All’s well at their end. My dad is enjoying his grandson and the endless card games. I know the feeling! Thanks Benji!!

It’s an early night. We settle into the soft lovely bed and conk out.

Good night NY.

As a result we are up reasonably early too. Pack up and go. Thanks sissy.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

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