FFY – The Arrival

We’re here. After what seems like weeks on the road. Since we left our house Dec 12 we have been roaming around. Finally on December 30 we are back on terra firma.

The owner of our rental home has done a lot of work. New exterior paint and all new flooring on the main level. Goodbye broadloom!! It looks great. And will be a breeze to clean.

Getting the bike rack off the car was a bonus for Rudy. He thinks the car has more pep now. I think he’s right but it’s him that has more pep .. I’m sure he worries nonstop about the safety of the rack. With it off he can breathe a sigh of relief.

Molly is right at home again too. While I unpacked and sorted she went to bed. She loves the main floor arrangement. She can keep an eye on things from her beds vantage point.

It’s hot. 27C when we arrived. After the unpacking session I’m a sweaty mess. But I drag my dampness over to Target to grab a few essentials. Rudy said to take my time but I know he’s hungry. He would like a real meal. On plates. With regular cutlery. I get what I need and head back.

I make penne with pesto. A big salad would have been great but I can’t buy bagged salad. I’m too leery. Rudy opens a bottle of pink wine and we enjoy our first dinner. It’s great to be back in the land of sun and fun. Forecast today is mostly sunny and 27C

Happy New Year!!

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