I hear you

Seriously. I can hear. Loud and clear!

I knew I had an impairment but I didn’t realize to what extent until:

1. Rudy started to leave junk mail on the counter … but only the hearing aids junk.

2. I was startled by a biker on the trail and shouted “how about a warning!” And he turned around and shouted: I signalled! open your ears!

3. The patient registration clerk at the hospital asks me a question (as the “caregiver” for my dad) and he answers.

So I knew long before the frying pan had to hit me in the head. But I was in denial. Hearing aids are for old folks. That was my mentality until I met Stephan. He’s the deaf audiologist at Costco who performed my assessment and recommendation. That’s right. He is a graduate of Western U and he’s deaf. His service dog Brooke is my witness.

Our neighbour is going blind. He’s around 60 years old. He was born with vision … and eyesight. As an engineer, he was a professional married man. Then his eyes betrayed him. A genetic malfunction. Good bye career. Marriage. Drivers license. Independence. Hello new colourless world.

These guys are heros. I don’t doubt that they battle with “why me”. We all have those thoughts on occasion…. but they don’t (or shouldn’t) run our life. Fate is our destiny and we play the hand we are dealt. Sometimes we covet our neighbour. I think it’s a natural phenomenon that we look at the world around us and compare. Sometimes we imagine ourselves in that reality; the one we think is perfect and harmonious. All the cliches pop up here: the grass is always greener… Rose coloured glasses…

I’ve realized that my reality is perfect for me. In fact, there are several times a day that I’m reminded how lucky I am. For example:

1. I can buy hearing aids and have great hearing! I’m not deaf at all.

2. I wear contact lenses that allow me to have great vision.

3. I’m healthy.

4. I have a wonderful husband who is a partner in life.

5. My family is whole. Every night when I call my folks I am grateful.

I could create a list a mile long.

And we could discuss the list. I can hear now.

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