Out with a Bang

So 2020 wasn’t the best year. In fact it was a wipe out for many and disastrous for some. And fatal for others. We had a few great chats with friends as the clock ticked. A quick glance at the Times Square countdown on tv made us groan out loud. We were off to bed with Molly, a movie with the volume turned up high, snuggled for the last gasp of the year. Good riddance.

Midnight is way past our bedtime normally so we were pooped. Add to that a lively round of pickleball earlier in the day followed by a seniors early bird New Years lunch (3 pm) at our friends place on Lake Van. They are swing dancers (not to be confused with swingers where you chuck your car keys into the bowl to see who you go home with) and for the past 15 years have attended the big New Years dance and conference in Orlando. It was scratched for this year like many other things. They are also world travellers; they’ve been grounded since covid started. They remarked how many roadside fireworks tents they have seen pop up. Rudy and I had noticed the same. It doesn’t bode well for our freshly groomed princess Molly.

We were ready to hit the hay.

But ….

Not so fast.

The popping and cracking and banging started early with a few random blasts here and there. By the time we hit the bed the fireworks frenzy was in full swing. It was happening all around us front, back and side. Poor Molly! she was trembling and whining. Any other time I would have enjoyed watching the show! Rudy rolled over and snoozed while I tried to comfort Molly by petting her and cooing in her ear. She was wedged between us with her head tucked under my arm.

Finally at well past midnight, the noise stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief and so did Molly. It was over. 2020 was in the rear view mirror. A fitting violent and disturbing end to a turbulent year of fear and hate.

Thing is, I’m not sure it’s really over just yet. There were six of us at our seniors New Years (the other two couples are American) and when our hosts would go inside to prep (a most yummy meal …. he’s a fabulous cook AND baker!) the other couple would sneak in conversation about politics. The two couples are a perfect example of the great divide chewing up the nation. The virus, and the handling of it, is a political movement. Yikes. We are happy to be neutral as Canadians. It’s interesting and hard to observe at the same time.

I’m hopeful of a coming year that brings renewed positive outlooks. A light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone’s tunnel has been uniquely painful (even the out of touch politician who jetted off to a posh Caribbean holiday … what a douche) and I wish them well.

Seniors trapped in loveless lonely institutions; I wish them companionship and compassionate care with the dignity they deserve.

Those with sickness; I wish them expedited treatment and the ability to have an advocate by their side as they fight their enemy.

Small business and their employees; I wish them tenacity to hold on until they can thrive again and the wisdom and ingenuity to adapt until they can.

Lawmakers; I wish them the courage to act for the people who believe in them to steer the nations into calm and gentle waters. And offer hope for the American dream.

Family; I wish for continued good health and patience. I know the love has never wavered. ♥️

“Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. “ Stephen King – Shawshank Redemption

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