It’s my Party

Birthdays are weird. It’s a milestone every year you only pass once in a lifetime. I suppose everyone has their own take on how to mark the day. Some even (mostly Leos) mark the whole month. Each to his own.

In reflection, a January birthday has been challenging over the years. As a kid, weather was prohibitive from time to time; you couldn’t play all the regular party games since you were confined indoors. And a bit later, like highschool, it’s exam time and you get lost in the cramming frenzy. Then birthdays seem to lose their luster for a few years as your career and life get too hectic right after Christmas break. And every year it falls right around the time they declare the “saddest day of the year”. Yikes!

Yesterday, by all measurements, was a great day. It was sunny and warm. Rudy walked Molly. I lingered in bed. Then we took off for pickleball. We returned midday and enjoyed a light lunch al fresco. Followed by a relaxing stint by the pool including a nap. There’s something about the warm sun like a soothing cozy blanket that induces slumber. Aahhh. Then a few deliveries arrived.

A big basket of pamper me supplies including bubbly, chocolates, bath bombs… an ideal kit for a chronic bather! Thanks to my sister who diligently arranges family gifts on behalf of everyone. It’s her knack. It’s nice being on the receiving end. Then the florist came again. I say again because Rudy had a dozen gorgeous roses delivered a day ago. Today’s delivery was a stunning arrangement in light pink and white from my friend ShariLee. A really nice surprise!!

Then we had a zoom call with our friends in Wasaga Beach. It was nice to see happy, familiar faces. We chatted about life in Florida (everyone is always so shocked to learn there’s no bodies in the streets and life is pretty normal … darn media!) versus life in lockdown. No one is obeying all the orders and continue to have secret social gatherings of 2 or 4 people. They put groceries in their trunk in case they are pulled over?? They drive to other places to take a walk and stay on the lookout for cops who are ticketing rogues. Too bad our governing bodies didn’t invest as much time and resources into helping seniors in lockdown as they do in manning snitch lines and penalizing those trying to stay sane.

After the call we headed to a local restaurant for dinner. We don’t go out much and I was really looking forward to prime rib at Mannys. It’s a local chop house that’s always packed. They have happy hour from 4 pm to 7 pm. and an early bird menu up to 6 pm. We hit the wheelhouse. You start with 2 for 1 drinks and then they bring a huge bowl of salad to the table. It’s a real treat! By the time we leave, I can feel the manhattans doing a tango in my gut with the prime rib. We aren’t used to big meals and hard liquor! I guess I’m becoming a lightweight.

On our drive home friends called on FaceTime and we had a nice chat. Again the topic was lockdown and what you do to keep busy. It appears that walking in new trails is the top choice. Sadly they too talked about police presence and fear of reprisal. It was a short call as time was pressuring me to make my daily call to my parents.

My mom is usually in bed by 8 pm so if I don’t call in time she misses the conversation (which I’m positive she keeps track of somewhere like notches in the bedpost). My dad answers and they are both on speaker phone. It’s a challenge when they talk at the same time. Dad tells me they talked about my birth 57 years ago. I was a morning baby. The hospital called my dad at work to let him know he had a daughter; he could come after work to see, not sooner, so mom could rest. Times sure have changed. I asked mom if she was exhausted and needed the rest. No way she says; in that age you didn’t get exhausted. Mädle! I told them about my day and all the goodies and fun calls. My dad, his voice cracking, said he wished me a wonderful day and hoped I was happy. Hearing his sad voice, of course, made me want to cry. I assured them I had the best day.

There were also a ton of texts, emails and other messages (Rudy’s going to post a general thank you on Facebook since I’ve been off for almost a year) which made my day. I told my parents that so many people remembered my birthday that it was overwhelming and humbling. My uncle in Germany wrote the nicest email. My step kids both sent endearing messages. Friends far and wide chimed in. I feel special. Thank you 😊

Another year in the vault.

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