First Love: Part 4

The next day Brynn couldn’t focus at work. Colleagues were actually commenting on her “far away” look. Where are you? They asked her. You look like you’re a million miles away!! Indeed she was ….

After saying “I love you” it seemed that their relationship was on a new and exciting trajectory. They spent all of their free time together and shared their intimate secrets. And hopes and dreams. But it was a warm spring night at the end of the school year when things became very intense.

School was winding down and college choices were made. Brynn and Spencer were going to be heading to the same college in the fall. Him for business and marketing; her for youth and child studies. They were in the process of arranging their courses and schedules for the first semester when the conversation turned to careers and future plans. The thought of starting their life together and eventually a family lead them to joking about kids names. But somewhere in the mix they both stopped and realized they were planning their destiny. They would be together for life. It was overwhelming and emotional and before they knew it their kissing became more intense. They wanted each other in a way that was undeniable and full of passion and love. Spencer gently yet urgently took the final step and they were bonded for eternity. Brynn and Spencer both in tears after and realizing that their two bodies had in that moment become one. Fused and connected in the ultimate way.

Back in the moment, Brynn realized that here reverie had caused a rogue tear to escape her eye. Of course, in her very busy and public office, her admin assistant noticed. Are you ok?? You seem really out of it?? I’m fine. Just a daydream disrupted by office dust … not to worry. Smiling Brynn returned to her computer. I’m losing it, she thought to herself. This is nuts.

The day dragged on and Brynn busied herself with the giant pile that never went away like a permanent mound on her desk. The clock ticked more slowly than ever before. Finally it was time for her to duck out to her “appointment”. See you tomorrow! She waved as she breezed through the office and to the elevators.

A quick stop in the ladies as she left assured her that her efforts in dressing for the occasion were valid. A light sweater set and a pencil skirt we’re going to send the right message: business yet a tease of what’s beneath without being overt. Again she chided herself on her crazy thoughts. It’s only coffee. Really.

As she drove to the west end of town to the coffee shop it occurred to her that she hadn’t seen Spencer in real life for over 30 years. Yet her mind and emotions were right back in that summer before college. She feels the heat rising to her neck and a quick glance in the rear view revealed her deep crimson blush. Quick. Turn on the AC. Just pulling into the parking she can start to feel the chill calming her nerves and her skin. Here’s goes nothing she thinks as she exits the safety of the car. Keep it together!!

The coffee shop is quite busy; it’s a lovely spring day and people are out enjoying the break from lousy weather. Entering the coffee shop she scans the crowd and notices a man at the window. He’s waving. At her. It’s him! Gulp.

She winds her way to his table and he stands as d as he approaches. Brynn he says with a wide smile. It’s so great to see you!! You look amazing. Brynn smiles and replies: you too. In her heart she’s thinking that little has changed over the years. His brilliant smile and kind eyes are so familiar suddenly. Her brain, however, tells her to take off the rose coloured glasses and get real. They both sit and take a breath.

The conversation starts out benign. A history of the past 30 years packed into reader digest sound bites. The difference is when Spencer starts to talk about his kids. They are clearly his gold crown achievement and they are heading to college (like the two of them so long ago). Brynn listens with intent as he relays their goals and paths; he’s proud and with good reason. It’s clear he’s done a great job as a parent. But they have two parents. He’s not mentioning his wife. So Brynn jumps in. Tell me about her.

And he does. They met after college and dated for a few years. Then married and started the family. He looks at Brynn to see her reaction and Brynn, remaining calm and professional, continues to ask questions. After a lengthy back and forth Brynn and Spencer settle into an awkward silence. Where do you go from here??

Brynn turns the conversation back to business and talks about her charity endeavours. And again is grateful for the generous gift. She adds in how interesting that her philanthropy should have their paths cross again after so many years. And starts to make her way to get up to leave. Spencer holds her arm gently and asks her to meet again. Brynn feels the electricity from his touch shooting up her arm.

With a sudden and unexpected wave of emotion Brynn thanks Spencer for the coffee and the chat. Glad he’s doing so well. Wishing the family much continued happiness and success. Additionally thanking him for the very deep reminiscent memories his contact stirred up. “But our lives are on separate paths now. Our history, while intoxicatingly pleasurable, is just a fond memory now. Let’s live our best lives knowing we share a lovely piece of each others past. Take care.”

And with that Brynn stands and leaves the coffee shop knowing that her first love will not be her last. She has more love to give and her heart is open to that possibility. 💗

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