Hello September

Seems like back to school fever has started in earnest. I used to love this time of year. Both as a child and through my working years, September brought a fresh start. A new beginning.

This year there’s no “back to school” for the first time in over 30 years. It’s weird.

All I ever wanted to do was be at school. As a kid I used my dads garden shed as a makeshift school house during the summer. Neighbourhood kids joined in for unofficial ( yet surprisingly rigorous) lessons in reading and math and other subjects. “Tests” were handwritten by me and “copied” using scrap carbon paper from Beaver Lumber where my mom worked part time. We laugh about it now looking back. My sister thought it was torture. Deep down she loved it; she was a keener in disguise.

Flash forward to my chosen career: adult training. For over 30 years I worked in a school setting helping adults (mature students) get a job skill in a variety of vocations. Since 1996 the focus was culinary arts.

Like my early school years, the career school was rewarding and fulfilling. There’s something about teaching someone a new whatever and seeing their pride that is priceless. So many graduation ceremonies and success stories to remind me that learning is in fact a lifelong process.

Now that time is my new friend, I wonder what my next learning curve will be. Nothing like a tranquil view and a few sips to get the juices flowing. The possibilities have no bounds.

I’ve never bothered to contemplate the notion that if I had more time, I would …. I’m going to use my schooly imagination and see what develops. No pressure.

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