Friends with Benefits

Girls are different than boys. We like to hash things out and beat up a topic until we are completely sated. There’s no better forum to see the art of women at their finest than a girls weekend.

Rudy was planning to attend the annual Youngstown State reunion golf event and homecoming so it was the perfect opportunity to organize a girls weekend at the bay. There were six of us in total all 50 or 60 something’s and all with a lot on our mind.

No topic is off limits and no comments are judged (per se). It’s a free for all that may start with the recipe for manicotti and end up on the fringe of personal pleasure devices. The conversation can often be a group all out “who can talk the loudest and be heard” to stunned silence when something truly profound is revealed. You never know where the wind may take the verbal ship; but it’s never dull.

And the best part is the laughter. Who knew that Airport Road and homemade Italian food could be so hilarious. Or finding the perfect bra so liberating (I heard a rumour that the beige ancient cross-your-heart larger than life slingshot model was going to be burned). Or that Blues could be enjoyed in a tent or not. Or that a happy massive house cat could con so many into extra food. Laughter really is the best medicine.

A close second is dancing. Start the music and there’s nothing more exciting (or terrifying) than a group of women bopping and twirling with abandon. As I looked around the bar there were so many couples simply watching us. Some were slightly chair dancing. And I bet every one of the ladies would have happily ditched her partner for a chance to let loose with other girls. It’s so refreshing.

That’s the benefit of friends. Simple and uncomplicated. A disorganized team that, in fact, is super organized. Meals appeared. Kitchen cleaned. More drinks and discussions.

Thanks for the memories ladies! I hope we can do this for many more years to come.

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