Snowbirds: Happy New Year

Without further ado we arrived in Davenport at our home for the next three months. Set in a small enclave, Tuscany Ridge, has streets named after the well known Italian region. Very fitting for us as we are known to imbibe in a few glasses of (mostly red) wine.

Most of the homes in the neighbourhood have light coloured stucco exteriors with well groomed lawns and rear screened in pools. There is a community centre with tennis courts and a small gym located at the entry roundabout where a neat garden and sign announce the name of the area. There is very little car traffic, but we do notice a number of Ontario license plates. As we pull into our driveway the sun is shining full on the front of the house and the blinds are closed. We enter the code and deactivate the alarm.

Minutes later our housemate Bails and our friend Blair (Bails neighbour from up north and her Christmas travelling companion) arrive. Together we unload our cars and comment excitedly about the house. It’s actually better in real life than in the online photos! Of course Bails sets off the child alarm (which is wickedly shrill and loud) as she exits to the pool. A quick call to the home owner and the alarms are disabled. We have no kids to worry about … well, except Bails.

Beers are in order and we cheers to our arrival. I think we can handle this. It’s 30C and sunny. What’s not to like.

We celebrate New Years with a BBQ dinner and game night. Toasting frequently to retirement and the new digs. The toast of choice is ….

I digress: as a commuter (and subsequent to retirement) I enjoy listening to Jenny McCarthy on SiriusXM and in her show there’s a segment called “weird news”. I can’t adequately describe it so I recommend you google it and watch a short video. It’s a game they play where a news item (that’s bizarre and utterly ridiculous) and they guess what state the item occurred in. Hilariously the craziest news bits are from Florida and then they play a quick jingle … “Florida; fuck ya!” Like I said, you will get it as soon as you watch a video.

So our toasts have been “Florida; fuck ya!” After which we drink and then giggle at the absurdity of it. Very mature conduct becoming of newly retired seniors.

All in all, 2019 has started with a bang just as 2018 ended in the same way. Happy New Year from us to you .. may it bring you abundance of health, wealth and happiness.


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