You Be The Judge

I got a good lesson in judgement today. Actually it was a reminder. If we strive to abide by the “Live and let live” philosophy, it’s good to be called out when we slip up.

Tonight I was told “don’t judge me”. My overly analytical brain immediately started to replay the scene. What was said. What was the circumstance. Ultimately I had to admit out loud (and more to myself) that I was being judgey. Sometimes our personal beliefs and values creep into how we perceive others and their actions. Mostly it’s none of our business if others lifestyle and personal choices don’t impact us directly. Turn the other cheek. Keep calm and carry on.

I think I would immediately draw the line if I knew that someone’s personal choice was harmful to others if not myself (child or animal cruelty) but I find it very difficult to keep my opinions to myself regardless if the matter contradicts my code of ethics. Clearly it’s subjective and personal; as varied as each person is unique.

It’s the same in reverse. I don’t care for others infusing their moral codes on me. I’m open to ideas and new experiences, but I’m not drinking the cool aid just because. Today on social media someone posted a radio station contest: of all the people polled, the number one answer for “who would you least like to be knocking on your door ” was POLICE followed closely by Jehovah Witness. Wow. Both enforcing rules and judgement on your lifestyle choices. Interesting.

Walking Molly this morning I met a neighbour. He was washing his car and I noticed that the license plate was Ontario. We got chatting and I asked him where home was for him and his wife. He answered bluntly while pointing as his Chevy crossover, “that’s home”. They sold everything but what they brought in their car and they are travelling the continent. I asked him how he liked it … he said “liberating”. As I walked on I thought about us and our plans.

No judgement. Clemency. You are free to do as you please. God bless America (and Canada).

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