The Fate of Good Luck

Sounds a bit like a fortune cookie as I type it out. As it turns out it kind of is.

In a dinner table discussion last night about how great beating the winter down south is, the conversation veered to the philosophical as we debated the human condition.

One point of view was that we can only do the best we can do. There will always be less fortunate among us. I was unsuccessful in making my point that we are all responsible for each other as well as ourselves. As I continued the discussion in my head long after the table cleared and we had moved on (this happens to me a lot … I totally over analyze even trivial stuff). And it occurred to me. The aha moment.

I was trying to illustrate humility and fate.

Yes. We are enjoying our first winter in Florida and I am loving it. I’m also grateful and know that so much fate went into the possibility of me being here.

My parents are immigrants. They came from afar not knowing the language or many people in a strange land. They brought their sense of adventure and moral compass with them. They are honest hard working people who raised and educated their family while instilling strong values over the years. There was one family car and one annual family vacation. We were comfortable. They wanted the best life for their kids and built a solid foundation on the springboard we all jumped from out of the nest.

It was fate that brought me into a family that was so wonderful. Why wasn’t I born into a deplorable situation somewhere? And if I was, would my recollections be the same?

That’s the point I couldn’t make. Having the grace to appreciate our lot in life no matter what that is. Doing unto others that which has made us so grateful and having the humility to know that things could change in a flash. I am eternally grateful to my family (which also includes close friends).

Here are some family wisdoms and stories from our family and others (it explains a lot):

In this house we share. This was the golden rule at home and it has carried on through the years. Sharing is caring as they say on social media- but in our home it meant your snack, a smile, the tv, your dolls and toys, the cheese house and your clothing (grrr). It was a good standard.

My friend said she thought her mom was a native Indian and could predict the rain. In fact, her mom listened to am radio and when it called for showers she pulled the kids away from their activities into the yard to do a rain dance. When the rains came they were mesmerized at their mom’s super powers.

Take what you need when you need it. Wow. My folks did not have a lot of money and they worked hard for what they had. Nonetheless they kept a wallet of money in the dining room cupboards. The golden rule was to take what you needed anytime. We honoured that rule. There was always money in the wallet. And we never wanted for anything.

It’s amazing to reflect back on the years and feel such overwhelming gratitude. I often tell Rudy how lucky we are. He tells me we made our own luck by being prepared for opportunity. We are both “right” … and that’s a good feeling.

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