Freedom 55

My first birthday as a retiree. I’m laying in bed reflecting on the years leading up to this moment. Did I mention it was almost 10 am and I’m in a bedroom overlooking a sun drenched private pool? I feel so fortunate for so many things.

A husband who went out of his way to find a mushy card and a dozen beautiful roses. Then took me out for a delicious dinner complete with stone crabs. On the scale a 10. Perfect.

Parents who chirped into the phone how 55 years ago they sat in front of the fireplace with their first new baby and marvelled at parenthood. And who never let up in that live and commitment for the entire 55 years. Precious.

Siblings who make me laugh out loud at their comedic banter about everything from football to aphrodisiacs. And my sister who, in spite of a whirlwind travel-laden career takes the time to ship a beautiful candle (which we enjoy nightly) that will warm our evenings for years to come.

Bestie who expressed such heartwarming sentiments in a card and then presented me with a Fitbit. No pressure. Perhaps the mission assignment I’ve been waiting for.

Family members near and far who extended well wishes electronically and by phone.

Friends who took the time to write a note or call. Literally over 100!

And my first day as a 55 year old I contemplate the term “freedom 55”. It’s a goal that financial advisors wave seductively under your nose as they pry your savings from your grip. In our case the “savings” were in the form of a home and we were able to sell during a market upswing. We always agreed as a couple that regardless of the outcomes we could manage with whatever budget we had to work with. That’s the beauty of having a numbers guy as your partner for life.

But the freedom part, in my mind, isn’t all about the finances. It’s having time, health, love and opportunity. It’s our first winter away from Canadian winter. The possibilities are endless. It’s time to take my new Fitbit and hit the road with my dog. Who knows where it might lead.

I truly am blessed. I truly am grateful.

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