Snowbird Perils

It’s sunny and warm. At the end of January. What could be wrong!? In spite of waking up every day to glorious sunshine, today was slightly different. For Rudy.

Somehow Molly knows that waking me from a deep sleep at 5am is perilous and naughty. So when the need arises, she purposefully paws at the right person. Rudy gets the nudge. And in haste quickly leaps out of bed with Molly in tow and heads for the outdoors. Molly lives her slumber almost as much as me so when she stirs at the wee hours it can only spell “Pooh”.

By the time I wake at 8 am or so I get the full details on what was a speedy trip to the neighbours yard for a liquidy bm. Thank goodness for the cloak of darkness. Hard to bag the runs.

So what’s the issue!?

We suspect it’s the new kibble. I only brought 1 huge bag of her favourite from home so this week I had to resource a new brand (she loves nutrience which is a PC product) so we chose a similar recipe from Costco. Presently we are mixing the two kibbles in her daily meals. And have noticed a looser stool (up to this mornings offerings of course).

But it could also be the prime rib bones. Which she pulverizes and eats whole. Yes. This week, with the cooler temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s; or high teens if your a metric) we hosted a dinner party with prime rib. Yummy. But perhaps the bone-in variety was not the best decision.

Last night we left her relaxing in front of HGTV while we ventured out to Disney Springs. (Which we highly recommend BTW). It wouldn’t be revenge diarrhea!? My doggy wouldn’t do that especially since we bought her a princess collar and pink bandanna. Nah.

A good time was had by all. I wonder what Rudy would say.

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