Random thoughts ….

Yesterday I was reunited with my parents who I haven’t seen in person for about 6 weeks (I call almost daily just to check in) and it was as though no time had passed at all. Same feeling as seeing my aunt and uncle from Berlin (haven’t seen them in person in a couple of years) …. and my sister and brother in law …. same. It’s weird how when your connected to someone’s soul that they are actually with you every day. You think about them and memories are vividly recalled at any time. I think retirement allows you the opportunity to let the fond memories flow at will since your brain power is not clogged with the banalities of work matters.

At the “reunion” my brother in law asked my husband what we do as snowbirds. My husband relayed his thoughts to me later I. The day since I wasn’t in on the first conversation. It made me pause for a minute and I had this notion. We are living the life we would in Canada in the summer. Instead of hibernating in the winter months due to lousy weather we are able to repeat summer: biking, swimming, walking the dog, bbq, golfing …. lounging outside with a good book. Our roommate Sharon has taken more of the tourist approach – trying to pack in as many new sights as possible. That’s certainly another route to go. But I don’t feel like a tourist. I have my pack (man and dog) and everyday is an adventure. I’ve added yoga and pickleball to the routine and I’m grateful for the extra summer. I love wearing my flip flops.

It’s raining here today. But I’m sure the rain is soft and warm. I get the weather reports from home and it’s been raining there, too. There’s a huge difference in rain quality. One where it’s essential to keeping the flora lush and green. One where it wreaks havoc on roads and walkways causing an abrupt halt to life outside. I used to love a school closure … now I love reading about it from my warm perch.

We met up with old (as in former; not aged) friends yesterday at dinner. They have been snowbirds for several years now so they shared some of their wisdom with us (to be continued over dinner at our place tomorrow). A few nuggets that we are happily adopting:

1. If you’re spending more than $5 for a bottle of wine you’re paying too much. Our current favourite is a cab sauv from California for $2.97 per bottle.

2. If you’re going to places where dogs aren’t allowed it’s not the best place and people aren’t as nice. True. Dog people are the best kind of people. When Molly doesn’t like someone it’s a good clue.

3. If you want to buy property outside Canada (Florida) you have a lot less hassle if it’s a modular home. Great tip but the rental program works for us.

4. The best meals are at non-chain establishments. We enjoy cooking at home but when we head out it’s great to get home-style cooking. Yesterday we met for dinner at Ovation which has southern bbq and is pet friendly. Bonus: live entertainment.

I think my dad sums it up best. When I asked him how he was doing he smiled (dimples and all) and said: life is good.

The captain is always right.

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