Every Vacation needs a vacation

It doesn’t get much better. When you’re schedule is full of leisure and you’re skipping wintry winter, how do you up the ante?

Take a cruise.

The utter luxury of being pampered is knee-weakening. No beds to make. No meals to cook. Just sun, books and relaxation. But here’s the best part: no connectivity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing that my friends and family are a-ok and getting a few gossipy tidbits is always good too. But the notifications (even when your device is on silent) can be annoying. So we were cruising for 5 days and decided to really go off the grid. First time ever. No communication. No calls or emails or texts. For 5 whole days.

Today when we docked I turned my device on. Ding. Buzz. Ding. Vibrate. Buzz. Ding. Ding. Wow! What the heck!? Is everyone ok!?

I quickly scroll through the messages and seek out the VIPs: Bails and Tina. Whew. All good. Nothing doing. Good thing my phone message says (essentially) : don’t try leaving a message it’s been disabled. I’m going to leave that on forever. I can’t stand voice mail. Texts are so much more palatable and point form.

So what we’re all the other messages?!? Turns out that it was 99% adverts. Not used to the American marketing way where your email is exploited and used as a commodity. When you buy anything there’s always a ploy to get your email. Or go to a bar or resto and use the wifi. Or fill in a form to buy theatre tickets. Your email is necessary to “login” … so as a result I have several events that may be of interest, a variety of super bowl party options, discount coupons, a better nights sleep, advice on the housing market. And how did anyone know I googled dog liver snacks!? Geesh.

I need a degree in computer science to monitor my on line privacy.

It was a great five days of being unaware. I’m glad the planet is still revolving for now. And that my VIPs are intact. Also good to know that the groundhog did not see his shadow.

PS happy birthday grandma ❤️ – you would be 97 today.

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