What’s your vision? Hindsight?

Tomorrow I’m reminded by a 20 year olds birthday that vision is in the eyes of the beholder. Pass the rose coloured glasses please. As Zach reaches a milestone age I am catapulted back to a time when life was a wild ride. Prime time. Hold my beer.

And I think about a 20 year old life and how much highway there is left on the speedway. Funny at 55 how that vision is altered. Is it the hindsight factor?

I wonder (as “the Locomotion” blasts from the Bluetooth followed by “Wild Thing” ….) how much of the past I would alter or caution another traveller? Likely not much on either count. Let the chips fall where they may. Buckle up. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Happy birthday Zach. Do it all. No regrets.

Speaking of rides … can a Bouvier fit into a convertible Mustang? The short answer is yes. It’s a ride built for fun and speed. Not comfort. We tried it out. Stay tuned.

My dad has homework assigned. How far is it from Brussels to Flanders Fields. Due date is tomorrow.

Ride on my friends.

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