Media: Social or Not

A few years ago I attended a marketing seminar about engaging your potential clients on social media. The notion expressed was that people generally have their social media of choice. Their go to network. Now that I’m not trying to engage clients I’m wondering how social networking works (or not) for me.

Linked In (or as Rudy called it “Linkened In”) is the platform for professionals. I’ve never been a huge fan or user. I always found it odd that people “endorsed” each other. Clicking for gold stars. How weird. Even more so is the “premium” level (isn’t it amazing what ingenious ways these companies have to separate you from your money) where you can pay to find out who’s been checking you out. Creepy at best. No thanks. My wake up call was getting a text from someone who said I hadn’t replied to their message on Linked In.

Facebook is for old people so they say. That’s probably rather true. The younger generations prefer to communicate in sound bites; is reading going out the window with writing? Facebook is filled with memes and propaganda. I usually get a kick out of reading comments on the political posts. I think this is called “click bait”. Getting lured in to a conversation by being provoked. It’s hilarious to watch the mud slinging ping pong which inevitably ends in a personal jab about someone’s mother or the “admin” removing the thread with a long explanation of why. It’s fascinating on so many levels. However, if I’m looking for a good or service Facebook is my second go to. Right behind Google.

Instagram is simple. One picture or collage and a few words. Benign time waster.

Twitter. No can do. Donald Trump (and others) have cured me of that habit. How to make a ridiculous statement in 124 characters. Or have they upped it now? And include pictures and videos, too? No thanks.

Pinterest had me going for a while. After all, it did parlay nicely into my pseudo career as food paparazzi. I even had a full board called “back burner” where I pinned recipes and other ideas for a rainy day. It’s been some kind of drought since I can’t remember my password. So much for making those great appetizers at our next soirée.

You Tube is Rudy’s choice platform. I go there occasionally. Rudy likes to research anything. How to play pickleball. How to K-Tape his sore joints. How to add an auto-response to his phone. How to install a battery. You name it. Instant answers to any question without reading a single word. Pretty handy.

Snap Chat, FourSquare, What’s App ….no clue. Seriously, how many ways do we needs to communicate? Are phone, text and email not enough?

Since retiring I have considered closing my various accounts. It’s harder than you think. Once you’re in that’s it. Now that I’m taking the time to actually be aware of the messages I am understanding that “cookies” aren’t just a snack; they are the cyber trail you leave behind. Look at a shoe sale on one site and then watch how many related ads pop up every time you log in to anything. Very interesting and disturbing.

Like anything there are pros and cons.

See you online somewhere. Thank you WordPress!

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