Home Sweet Home

It’s good to be home! I’m now convinced that the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” also applies to things and not just people. I missed my house. And I didn’t realize how much until I we came home.

I thoroughly enjoyed the warm sun in Florida but I forgot that we live in a luxurious home. Yes, it’s a townhouse. But it’s right on the water; if I sleep walk out my back door I would trip into Georgian Bay. The view is endless and never gets old.

The kitchen is fully equipped and functional with gleaming granite counters. The Florida kitchen was white (appliances and sink) with laminate counters and cupboards with no handles. I really missed my kitchen. Our first meal back home was roast beef and mashed potatoes. With wine in decent glasses. And candles and fresh tulips and the fireplace glowing (yes … cold enough for a fire). Sigh.

Our bed is comfortable and familiar. It’s also on the third floor. We go “up” to bed which I prefer. Pet peeve: cooking odours in my bedroom!! Beautiful lighting. A wonderful bathroom. And the view!

Molly is delighted to be home, too. She loves our bed and is happy to head up there for long snoozes. She also loves the walk on our trail. No leash and enough snow to roll and eat. Hopefully it won’t last.

I missed the food supplies. Great stores with great selection. However the price of wine leaves me missing Florida. It’s nice to buy adult grape juice for $3 a bottle. With the exchange that’s about $5. You can’t beat it. So I’m going to explore the new LCBO rage that is Toro Bravo (a medium bodied Merlot from Spain) retailing at $7.95 … remember Fusion!? (Thanks for the tip Marilyn!)

Here’s the weird one: I missed the Saturday newspapers. Our beloved ritual resumed today with the full range – TO Star (aka the commie rag), The Sun, The Globe. Gang’s all here. News, insights, opinions (groan worthy at times) and, the piece de resistance… the crossword!

Finally, even though we felt like we packed the world, there were still things we missed. It’s been like Christmas finding some of our treasures again. But we also know now that there’s a fine line between well lived and used treasures and “stuff” (read: junk/clutter). So we are continuing to purge. Scale back. Simplify. It’s easy to do now. If it’s not used or useful it can go. Buh bye.

Had our first round of spring in Florida. Ready for round two here. Bring it.

Until then I will enjoy my house with Rudy and Molly. And Otto as of tomorrow.

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