Good Morning Blue Mountains

Nice to be home. Sleep in our own bed with Molly. Waking (at an ungodly hour due to time changes) to a spectacular sunrise and the sound of gentle waves lapping the shore. Feels s but like we are still on board the ship but with a huge cabin and our girl.

There’s so many things I want to dig in to (no Rudy, not like bridge … ) I hope I don’t get overwhelmed….

Firstly it’s asparagus season. My favourite time of year! We saw the signs in Europe and I was hoping we would come home to those delicious stems of goodness. And here they are. I’m thinking asparagus three ways for dinner tonight. Yum.

We ordered a couple of recycled plastic chairs for our bedroom balcony before we left. They should be in. Perfect time to sit our mornings or evenings and enjoy the peaceful waters and sun cycle. CR Plastics is a Stratford company co- founded by my college roommate Trudy Wiseman. Their furniture is indestructible made from recycled plastics that looks like wood. It’s heavy and durable with comfy cushions. Rudy is looking forward to a tipple and a stogie!

My sister bought me a great wooden candle holder for my birthday. We used it nightly in Florida and it was empty when I brought it home. I took it in to a local soy candle place to be refilled. It should be ready now.

The weather seems to have taken a warmer turn. When we left a few weeks ago it was rainy and cold with snow patches on the hills. Everything is blooming and I’m sure lilacs will be along shortly too.

One of my favourite indulgences is a mani/pedi. I’m overdue! My nails grew like mad on the trip. I guess that’s what happens when you’re eating well and often?? All I could think about in transit yesterday was how much grime and bacteria was collecting under the talons. Yuck. Thank goodness for hot towels and convenient bathroom.

After seeing the bike mania in Amsterdam, I’m ready to take my wheels for a spin. We are fortunate to have an extensive trail system right across the road with no need to worry about the traffic! Maybe I can bike to the nail salon.

Now that the threat of frost is over I can get my patio planters ready to go. And get the outdoor seat cushions set up. There’s nothing like a lakeside lounge by the fire. The planter at the front door needs seasonal update too.

So many ideas and projects. I better make a list.

Hello spring. Season of new beginnings!!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Blue Mountains

  1. marymarilyn

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