Home Sweet Home

We made it. What a crazy long day! Can’t believe we were strolling around Amsterdam this morning and are back in our own bed tonight. It’s great to be home!

The Amsterdam airport (Schiphol… pronounced “SHKI-pull”) is a modern behemoth with mostly self serve processes. Our driver dropped us off at the doorway of the second terminal and told us to turn right for Air Transat. He was bang on. We turned right and read the schedule board and sure enough we were exactly where we should be. Rudy enjoys the benefits of first class such as the priority line for checkin. He hates line ups (just like his father). Check in is a breeze and we make our way towards the gate. We are gate G ; they practically go through the whole alphabet.

To enter the security area you scan your boarding pass and the gates open. Once in the security area there is the passport check. Again self serve. You step into a booth and insert your passport then an automatic facial recognition monitor zeros in on your face and snaps a pic. If you’re kosher the sign signals you to the passport stamping guy. There’s a list of countries which passports can use the self serve; some have to be screened in person. You can guess which countries are not trusted travellers.

Once your passport is stamped you proceed to the security line. One by one your belongings are placed in a bin by staff and then you step into the body scanner. Everything is modern and efficient. Is anyone at Pearson listening??

In the gate areas there is a wide variety of good options from Starbucks and McDonalds to juice bar. We opt for a sandwich and salad (served in a glass bowl). Everything is recycled hardly no plastic bottles or dishes. You can also self serve wine and beer. Very civilized and efficient.

We grab a few items at the store and make our way to gate G. It’s packed. We are supposed to board at 2 pm. My phone buzzes and it’s a notification from AirTransat; flight delayed by 30 min. Once boarding starts we get on first. We are seated in row 1. Rudy is very pleased. We get settled in our seats which are equipped with personal entertainment units, a comfort kit (blanket, slippers, neck pillow) and a beauty kit including lotion and lip gloss and an eye mask. Nice. And almost immediately we are offered sparkling wine. Yes please!

The selection of movies is great. I end up watching 4 movies!! Crazy Rich Asians (loved it); Widows (loved it … love Viola Davis); Mary Poppins (pleasantly surprised in a good way); Can You Ever Forgive Me (loved it … great story). And during the movies we got the most attentive service and food and drinks and snacks and hot towels. Rudy was delighted!!

We land on time in Toronto in spite of our delay taking off. There’s the usual 3 mile hike from plane to immigration. We have nexus and it’s great. The area is a zoo. Eyes scanned and we are off to baggage. Another zoo.

After landing at 5:30 pm we finally get our bags at 6:30. The parking shuttle picks us up; another great deal on parking from my app “Park Whiz” – cheap parking and great service!! My fabulous car starts right up and we are on the road. It’s 7 pm and traffic is light.

In the driveway at 8:30 pm I’m practically bursting with excitement to see my girl Molly. She greets us at the door with a full body wag. Best homecoming ever. But it gets even better ….

Leo and Sandy have been staying with Molly and Otto (Bails did the first week) and aside from loving and caring for them in the best way, Sandy has a full snack tray and fresh flowers. Who could ask for anything more?!?!

Grateful beyond words ❤️

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