Trees of Knowledge

It seems spring has arrived. Sort of anyway. Either way, rain or shine, Molly needs her daily walk x2. She’s like a clock and know exactly when it’s her time.

One of our favourite strolls is the Arboretum in Collingwood. This gorgeous park is adjacent to the downtown sports fields and next to Georgian Bay. The amazing use of the previous waterfront in the Georgian Triangle is a showcase for communities who are striving to get it right.

The horticultural society manages the arboretum and their mandate is to teach anyone with interest about plants and trees. There are hundreds of varieties for visitors to see and learn about as each specimen is clearly marked and described. If you like Latin you will be doubly thrilled.

Aside from the arboretum there are other creative installations paying tribute to indigenous culture. On Saturdays there’s a series of workshops to harness the energy of the earth through traditional dance and movement held at one of the features. The park is truly inclusive to all ages and any time you go you will be sure to see kids, bikers, elderly, joggers, birders, soccer enthusiasts…

Since the park is convenient to downtown it’s a quick stroll to get a bite, coffee, libation. Or you can simply take in the sweet aroma of everything in bloom this time of year.

A must see if you’re in the area.

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