Mother Nature

I have become acutely aware that people and their state of mind is affected by the weather. Since April we have experienced what feels like unseasonably cool and wet temperatures and we literally cheer to see the sunshine. I’ve often wondered how folks in Vancouver cope? I remember watching the Twilight vampire series and thinking I would never survive on the west coast vampires or not.

Then Rudy and I had a conversation about Father’s Day and reminisced about how many years he took his kids camping in deplorable weather. Or how many May long weekends we shivered while trying to drink beer into the wee hours. It seems our memories are short when we are so eager to shed the cloak of winter. It’s been particularly difficult this year since we skipped winter for the most part.

Yesterday was our first sunny and warm Saturday. Georgian Bay Area temperatures are usually cooler than inland due to the breeze off the lake. It keeps the air cooler until the water warms up. People were definitely making the most of the day and there were joggers, bikers, strollers, walkers, dogs and even a few dare devils on the water. Everyone seemed happier and more smiley.

Rudy played in a golf tournament; couldn’t have asked for a better day. He hardly played st all during May as the courses were closed a lot due to wet conditions. June thus far has been only a bit better.

I enjoyed a quiet day outside reading and daydreaming. We are fortunate to have amazing views front and back as well as seating areas to take advantage of the views. Out back we have a ground level patio with a fire table. It’s our favourite spot in the evenings while the sun sets. On the third level we have a balcony out front with sprawling views of the Blue Mountains (you do have to overlook the highway and sometimes block out the traffic noise….. motorcycles are cool but they are unnecessarily LOUD!) and in the back, of course, is the Bay. On clear days we can see across to Penetanguishene. Now that we have comfy chairs it’s a premium place to lounge.

The best things in life are free: sunrise, sunset, the sweet eyes of pets and morning snores from my Bear. No place else I’d rather be.

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