Red Sky at Night

Still on the nautical theme …. as boaters we used to rely heavily on good weather. Pleasure boaters do not boat in foul weather because it’s not fun. In fact, you run for cover when a storm is brewing. Of course many of our boating years took place before the internet therefore our forecasts were courtesy of the local media meteorologists. Dodgy at best. So we relied on the old fisherman’s tales such as: red sky at night; sailors delight. Red sky in the morning; sailors warning.

Luckily we no longer need the weather to be our friend since there’s lots to do rain or shine. Well, Rudy’s golf is more of a “shine” activity. But mostly we go with the flow.

Like tonight. Rudy got home from a frustrating afternoon on the links and was hoping for a hearty dinner. The dinner was a flop (another story) so to console ourselves all around we popped Molly in the car and drove to the park. It’s “the park” in Collingwood if you ask me. There’s a lot of parks and trails and loops all around us. But Sunset Point is the reigning champ: sunset vistas that rival the Lake Huron variety (technically Georgian Bay is Lake Huron) and, the piece de resistance… Kawartha Dairy ice cream at the concession.

As we drive into the park area there’s a hive of activities: people swimming, paddle boarders, yoga, games of catch, picnickers, walkers, joggers …. you get the hint. A perfect summer playground for kids of all ages. We park (there’s tons of parking during the week) near the concession. Molly is excited already; she knows where we are.

At the service counter we look at the flavours. Who knew that a retirement challenge was choosing an ice cream flavour?! Rudy goes for a double scoop of pralines in a waffle cone (they make them on site and you can smell them for miles …. very good sales technique!) I opt for a single scoop of salted toffee in a cup. Service with a smile thanks to the ever cheerful students who man the booth. They are open to sunset every night. I guess their hours start getting cut from here on in.

There’s tons of benches and tables and we find one at the waters edge. The sun is a fiery globe warming us while we enjoy our treats. Molly gazes around looking for action. Finding none nearby she settles down at our feet and enjoys the view too.

It’s a red sky. Another great day tomorrow. Everyone’s delight. Especially if you’re retired!

Sweet dreams 🥰

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