Early Bird

They say the early bird gets the worm, but it’s my sister who puts it on a hook and catches fish off her dock. I’m stunned. My sister is prissy about most things. She labels the universe; literally you know where to put anything at her place since it’s all labelled. She refuses to handle raw poultry and most raw meats make her run for the disinfectant. But she calmly opens a little styrofoam box, plucks out a live worm, squishes the wriggling slime onto a hook and smoothly casts her line off the dock.

We are at her and Franks cottage for the weekend. Me, Rudy and mom and dad. And Molly. It’s by far the hottest day of the year so far. At least 30C and humid like crazy. Even though their “cottage” is more like a home (the last people that owned it lived there all the time) my sister is adamant that cottages should not be air conditioned. The rest of us disagree. So we sweat. There’s barely a breeze. It’s the kind of oppressive heat that covers you like a thick blanket. But you can’t kick it off and at least stick your feet out. Molly has a fur coat on. Yikes. An afternoon blast of torrential rain does little to ease the temperatures.

But in the evening we venture to the dock to watch the sunset. As we lounge next to the water you can feel cooler in your mind. This is when my sister decides to fish. While the rest of us are taking in nature’s beauty and tranquility she randomly decides its time to angle. She has a license so it’s obviously a notion that occurs with some regularity. Who knew.

Attention is now firmly focused on my sister as she goes through the routine motions. Bait, cast … oh, she’s got one. First line in and she’s reeling like mad. Up comes the fish. It’s a good size bass. Wow. Rudy is sure it’s beginners luck. But he doesn’t fully realize she’s no beginner!! Frank pulls the fish off the hook and tosses it back in the lake. This scenario takes place a few more times; with the same worm I might add. My sister even knows the type of fish she’s catching. Rudy is stunned. Who is this girl?

Frank tells us about ice fishing in the winter. The lake freezes so thick that cars and trucks and skidoos and huts take over the landscape. Hard to visualize in the heat. We all agree that it’s a very Canadian hobby and a must to include for winter survival. Now that I have the option I choose Florida. No more freezing winter. That’s the beauty of retirement.

Rudy wants to know if they ever eat what they catch? Sure. That’s part of the winter routine Frank explains. Fish in the cozy hut. Stash the catch. Skidoo back to land and fire up the grill it deep fryer. Sounds Yummy. And cold.

When my sister suddenly decides that a fish biting off the hook and the worm is a sign to stop for now she announces that it’s time for fireworks. Frank leaps into action.

We watch the display in awe. Are those legal?? Frank assures us they are for sale all over. It’s a 42 gun salute. Cool. Even the neighbours are clapping a cheering. A splendid end to a great day.

Our hosts are the most. And they have the worms!

It was this big ……. 😎

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