Leonine Leo

  • Lions are symbols of strength and courage and have been celebrated throughout history for these characteristics. They are also common symbols for royalty and stateliness, hence the phrase ‘king of the jungle’.

(Source: onekindplanet)

My favourite Leo of all time is, without a doubt, my sister. Born August 6. She exudes the qualities of the lioness. Jokingly she has said for years that she’s the lost Romanov …. she’s so earnest that you could almost believe her!

She is fierce. On a mission she is unstoppable. If you cross her beware. Or as she would say: good luck to ya! There’s no one you’d rather have in your corner.

She is tireless and adventurous. I envy her energy and stamina. Going on a hike? Try marathons. She’s game. Rock climbing? Parasailing? Cycling? You name it. She’s up for the challenge. Did I say unstoppable?

She is smart. Not just academically but also wise the kind you want in a heated debate or negotiation. Knowledge is her ammo. And her rapid fire brain on automatic. She emits brain waves. She can lean in. She never forgets a thing.

She is loyal. Never wavers for a moment. She is your champion until the bitter end and she never gives up or gives in. She expects the same of others. All in.

She is beautiful. Inside and out. Her wide hazel eyes are penetrating and mesmerizing. Her heart is open like a deep cavern once she’s let you in. Her giving is generous and untethered. No reasonable request denied. Under her mane of tangled curls is a thoughtfulness that is unsurpassed.

She’s my sister. I’m continuously in awe of her. She makes me proud.

I wish her all that she deserves. And then some.

Grateful that she’s part of my tribe.

Love her. ❤️

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