Brevity is the Soul of Wit

You can’t take the Shakespeare out of a Stratford gal! So last night we rode our bikes into town (Collingwood) to catch an outdoor performance of Comedy of Errors. I know … the title quote is from Hamlet. But Comedy of Errors was The Bards shortest play.

It’s about a 30 min bike ride – approximately 12 km each way. We ride 100% on the Georgian Trail so we don’t have to worry about traffic and distracted tourists driving around. The trail follows Hwy 26 (parallel through the woods) until you get to Cranberry Golf Club where we turn off and cross the Hwy to enter the Harbour St Trail branch. From there we veer off to the park and meander through the arboretum and along the shore to the stage.

There’s a neat wooden stage, simple and tidy, at the bay front just next to the Shipyards. The stage is set backing near the waters edge and there are tiered stone seats nestled into the hillside in front of the stage. There were about 100 people scattered on blankets and chairs and grass to watch the performance. I take a moment before the “curtain ” rises to call my folks. Guess where I am? I don’t think they can even visualize the space.

The show started at 6 pm and was “pay what you can”. The actors were also ushers and program carriers. The programs were printed by the event sponsor. Clearly this was a low budget community event. I’m always impressed by the variety and support of local events in the arts!

It’s a fun performance and the actors are delightful. The play is a joyful story of twins separated by circumstance at a young age and their shenanigans as their paths cross again as love struck young men. Bravo!

And bravo to Rudy who’s not as enamoured with the performing arts as I am. He sat patiently through the show and clapped politely as required. What a trooper. 🥰

On our way out of the theatre area we run into some colleagues from our working life. That seems so long ago and far removed. It’s a pleasant encounter and a gentle reminder of how fortunate we are to be retired.

A quick bike back home concludes our perfect date. Well … perfect for me. Not brief enough for Rudy. Encore??

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