Tropic Thunder

No. Not the movie. The reality show happening on our deck at the moment. Just after our delicious bbq of ribs, fresh corn on the cob, salad from the CSA, and a potato/mushroom/onion mixture, the clouds began to gather in the distance. It’s been hot and muggy all day and the forecast showed some isolated showers. But the sun stayed out until we finished dinner.

As I cleared and packaged some TV dinners for my folks, Rudy lit a stogie and we watched the light show. Spectacular. Mother Nature at her finest.

A breeze picked up. The clouds formed an angry dark blob and then the sound effects of crashing thunder and the blitz kreig of lightening began the storms symphony. Such a show of force and might. Complete with cascading showers and eerily calm bay. Too cool for words.

The epic finale including rainbow 🌈 and vino. The perfect storm.

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