Dance (like no one’s watching)

Hump day in Georgian Bay is synonymous with dancing. One of our favourite haunts is The Beacon. It’s a bit of an infamous ramshackle rundown old time dive bars in Wasaga Beach. Every Wednesday their house band (The Freakin Band) takes “the stage” – not a stage per se but,rather, a smallish area carved out of the eating area in the dining room. So on Hump Day we go Freakin at the Beacon.

Last night a few friends joined us for the fun. It was a table of 7. The Beacon serves pretty good food (if you can overcome the dodgy ambience) and their juilienne salad is a big of a masterpiece. The thing is, the band starts st 7 pm and if you want a decent table you have to show up by 6 pm. I know. It seems early but that’s how seniors roll around here.

We get our table and order. The service on these nights is sluggish since the place gets packed all at once. There’s a minimal cover charge of $5 which is collected by a loyal groupie at the door. I think she’s a fixture that’s been proudly doing her duty since the gig started some 5 years ago. I think she gets a free supper for her efforts since she always had a plate of food at her table. Grabbing hurried bites in between collecting dough and stamping hands.

Once the band starts the dance floor fills up. They perform a set of favourite oldies from the 60’s and 70’s. The lead singer, Virgil Scott, tells witty stories in between songs and he and the drummer kibitz back and forth. The guitar players are both seated which is fitting for the band since they are a mashup of retired somethings who love to jam.

Each week they feature a special guest in the second set. Last night was Sil Simone. This guy is mesmerizingly talented. He plays the guitar and a mandolin. He never sits down up play. In fact he uses chairs as a prop to elevate himself giving the crowd a good view. He is something. And he sings. The dance floor is jammed. And hot and sweaty.

Our friend Sandy is particularly engaged in the evening. It’s something that is unique. Dancing your heart out on hump day. I love her energy and it’s contagious. We are bopping along carried away by the music and the electric vibe in the room. We always marvel at the age group and chuckle when we realize we are among peers. There’s not a soul under 50 in the place. But aches and pains aside, the dance floor is like a teleporter back to younger years. We boogie with abandon like no ones watching. We are Freakin at the Beacon.

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