Test of Time

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. That may be, but with friends it’s like no time has passed at all when you see them after a long absence. They’re never really absent after all.

We met friends last night for drinks. We hadn’t seen them in almost a year. When they arrived we were waiting at the bar. We hugged. We smiled. And then carried on a conversation over the din. It was like we saw them last week. The last time we met we agreed to get together. It was wishful thinking. Life got in the way and a year slipped by.

These aren’t bosom buddy friends. We don’t know intimate details of each others lives. But we enjoy each others company and like hanging out. They’re the people who loaned us a cage for Otto. (He is too big for the average cat cage) They had a small dog crate on hand that they weren’t using. They offered it to ya without hesitation when I mentioned moving the cat to his winter home. That was last year. The last time we saw them before last night. We still have the cage. Good thing because we will need it again shortly!

Catching up on things is interesting. Funny how we can sum up life’s events in no time but as life is happening it’s slow motion. Especially when there’s something uncomfortable… it drags on forever. Yet looking back it’s a mere footnote. So weird. Like an hour of exercise lasts for days and a massage is over in micro-minutes.

Today I’m meeting an old friend/colleague for tea. I haven’t seen her in a few years in person. We stay connected virtually. She’s coming to town for a doctors appointment and suggested we meet. What a lovely surprise.

The other day another friend suggested we see a play when she’s in town. Love to. It’s Menopause The Musical. That’s very appropriate I’d say.

We have a lot of friends like that since we moved up north. We don’t see everyone regularly. Makes the reunion that much better. I saw a post today on social media. It was a revamped closet; a room converted to a grand dressing space. Nah. I’ll keep the bedroom. I’d rather have guests than shoes.

See you soon! Let’s catch up 🍷

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