The Frying Pan

I just got off the phone with my folks and I have tears of laughter in my eyes. They crack me up.

First I asked my dad who’s going to win the election. He tells me, very matter of factly, that it will be a tie and the NDP will be the tie breakers. Nothing will get done in the next 4 years. Then he reminds me he’s not voting (it’s a long story about registration and “not being invited”) so who cares. He’s too old anyway.

He immediately switches gears and tells me how he prepared their dinner (it’s actually their lunch as they eat their main meal at noon time). This is a big deal now that my dad is the shopper and the cook. He’s very picky in a way and it can drive my mom crazy. He likes bland; she likes flavour. The spicier the better.

Today he decided he would make steak accompanied by cauliflower he bought on the weekend and french fries that my mom has been complaining about for months since my dad bought a frozen bag and it’s cluttering the freezer. So dad got his cauliflower and steak ready and mom was to put the fries in the toaster oven. They have never used their big oven (don’t know how) and mom can press the “toast” button as many times as needed to bake things. Dad operates the stovetop and indoor grill.

So dad tells me he made the cauliflower with a sauce (this is to appease my mother) and it was great. I ask how mom liked it and he hands her the phone. Mom says it’s amazing what your dad can do in the frying pan! He made the cauliflower and the sauce in the frying pan. Her voice takes on an astonished lilt. Is she impressed or mildly incredulous?? Suddenly I hear dad in the background … I cooked the cauliflower in a pot! Quit telling stories. I’m in tears laughing. It’s a comedy sketch rivalling Carol Burnett.

Mom sheepishly tells me it was good no matter how he did it. Then dad takes back the phone. The problem he says is not the cauliflower or the sauce, it was the fries. That was moms only task and she forgot to bake (toast) them. So dad had to save the day and cook them in the frying pan. It’s definitely his weapon of choice.

So dinner was served: steak on the grill (5minutes on each side because the grill was preheated), cauliflower in the pot topped by sauce from the frying pan and a late entry of fries also in the frying pan. Bingo! A delicious and lovely meal.

Tomorrow they are eating out. Whew! That frying pan needs a break.

Just thinking about that conversation is making me laugh out loud. Good medicine.

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