My folks celebrated their 61st wedding anniversaries this week. The plural is intentional; they were married twice. My mom is catholic and my dad evangelical therefore the church wasn’t keen to marry them. Somehow they were able (after marriage classes for my dad and a promise to let any kids be catholic) to marry in the church. They were also married at city hall.

My dad didn’t have a lot of time. He left his job digging uranium in Elliott Lake to go back to Germany. He wanted to see if my mom was still interested (after two years). He was heading back to Canada to take a job in the same factory as his brother. A German owned bearing beating manufacturing firm called FAG.

Dad called on mom and her family and asked if she wanted to marry and head to Canada. She said yes. My dad also got the blessing from her parents. He promised his father-in-law to protect her forever. My dad is a man of his word. They got hitched and a friend of my moms hosted a small party after the ceremony. My aunt (moms sister-in-law Ava) was the maid of honour and dads best pal, Gunter, was the best man.

Then dad sailed back to Canada to a new town,new job, new digs. And waited for his new wife. She followed a few months later in March.

Yesterday on my daily checkin phone call I asked how their anniversary was. Dad said we had a little toast and then we kissed. Mom said dad made her a piece of meat for lunch. Sounds like a perfect anniversary to me. Even if I did have to remind them. A few times. I guess after so many years you don’t dwell on the number. Like birthdays. When you’re first married you’re giddy and,frankly, celebrating that you’re still together because god knows there were a million reasons to bail. Then after a few more years you’re celebrating overcoming the early years. We are at the stage now (32years) where we are grateful for each other. It’s a good place. Mom and dad have moved on from that. Still grateful but now it’s more dependent for survival. They are a team.

Rudy’s folks were married for 75 years before Stella passed at 93. That’s the long haul. We are lucky to have such lasting love relationships to guide our way.

My dads a bit sad these days. His brother is ailing and getting steadily weaker. There’s no diagnosis or treatment that he’s been given. They suspect IBS. I hope they can manage his pain. He too is married; 65 years I think. Another life story.

Cherish the one you love. ❤️ happy anniversaries mom and dad!

2 thoughts on “Sixtywonderful

  1. M Wood

    What a wonderful thing to celebrate, all those years of love and tears! Even the young marriage of 32 years, compared to your parents is something to celebrate, many do not reach those years together!
    Have fun in Florida! It will be a stormy weekend up her in the true cold north!


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