What’s Liberating?

Most of the time I would say ripping off an uncomfortable bra and putting on lounge wear. But today I say: QX70. That’s my car. Rudy had a friend drive it down to Florida for us and they arrived yesterday. I’m now a free agent. Tom Brady should love it, too.

A car provides independence and options. While it may sit idly in the driveway most of the time, it’s comforting to know that I can dash here and there anytime I want. Sharing a vehicle is trying. We all have our routines and schedules; sometimes the option to bust loose is necessary. For example today. Rudy is golfing (with his buddy who drove my car) and they drove off in Rudy’s car. I was happy to walk the dog and hang out to finish my book (a meh James Patterson who set up the next instalment unashamedly) but now it’s time to take care of business.

First stop: car wash. There’s a fabulous in and out service near our place. For $30 they made Rudy’s car gleam. Now it’s my turn. Then a couple of quick errands before I return home to fetch Molly.

Next stop: dog park. Without a car I would be strolling Molly around our neighbourhood and that’s a fine walk. But with wheels we can venture to the dog park and decide if it’s a ball chasing kind of day or leisurely walk around the 2km trail. Either way, Molly gets the things she loves: me, a cat ride and a walk. Perfect.

And then: perhaps a short drive to the liquor store for some Baileys. It’s time for a mini celebration.

I’m ready to roll.

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