Oscar Meyer Wiener

Our friends hosted an Oscars party last night. It was just the four of us but we walked the red carpet and did interviews. Started the evening with sparkling wine. But it went downhill from there.

The oscars aren’t what they used to be. It’s sad.

Billy Porter on the red carpet makes it look like a circus. His outlandish outfits and hyper mannerisms are hard to watch. The glamour has all but evaporated. The stars are virtually non existent to be replaced with unknowns. The nominees are dull.

There were a few stand outs such as Regina King. She looked stunning and every bit the glam Hollywood icon. Sadly she was a lone wolf. The show itself lacked the glitz of previous years. Perhaps it’s been a steady decline and will be a meh event from now on.

Nonetheless we filled in our ballots but all was essentially for nought as Parasite took the night. An American Hollywood awards show where the winner of the day can’t speak English. Yikes. And enough with the political ranting. I think I agree with Ricky Gervais. Our host (in charge of the remote control) muted the sound on numerous occasions. It was censorship of the viewer in its finest form. We’d rather chat or fiddle with our devices than listen to a misguided and misplaced opinion from the stage. Ugh.

Our intentions were good but the show itself popped the balloon. It may we’ll be the last oscars we watch. No host. No momentum. No pizazz.

As Rudy said when we got home close to midnight “we just wasted 5 hours”. He’s right I’m afraid. This Oscar show was a wiener.

2 thoughts on “Oscar Meyer Wiener

  1. Marjorie Wood

    We watched the Oscars under the stars in the DR. Sounds great but the resort was doing Karoke with no sound fro the Oscars and many people singing badly! A night to remember!

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