Love Song

Love, in all its forms, is expressed through music and art. It’s on full display throughout nature. It’s splashed with abandon around retail outlets this time of year. Everywhere we look there is love.

Love eludes those who can’t envision its glory. Some say before you can find love with others you have to love yourself. I think if you want to be loved you have to be lovable. Open your heart and let love in. Even though love may have abandoned you or wounded you there’s always more to follow if you let it.

But what about love at first sight? A fleeting moment where two people meet and the attraction is instantaneous. You follow where it leads. Sometimes a dead end and other times a blooming beauty. Finding true love is a gift. A miracle to cherish and be thankful for everyday.

When I see couples who have endured decades together I see honesty and respect. I see compassion and humour. Passion and patience. It’s the vows of marriage in action and purpose. Rudy and I have enjoyed 32 years and hopefully many more to come. Our relationship has been a true partnership in every way. I’m grateful and very aware of my good fortune. Rudy’s parents were married on this day in 1942. They were in love in life until they parted. I know they are together again.

My friends talk about their grandkids. I think that’s pure love and joy. Knowing their children were so loved and nurtured that they are passing that power of love onto a new generation. When my friends talk about their grandkids there is a contented sparkle in their eye. It’s a beautiful thing.

Love in its purest form is the companionship of a pet. Molly loves unconditionally. When she gazes at you her eyes are soulful and loving. There’s no judgement or foul nature. There’s only love.

Love is all around. It’s in the air. It’s also my dads birthday. Fitting I think that such a gentleman would be born on a day set aside for sweethearts. He exudes love.

Today we celebrate love in all its splendour. Carpe diem. ❤️

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